Back Yard Patio – Take One

This is what our back yard looked like when we first moved in.


And now…


And looking the other direction…


It’s a lot of dirt, and a lot of dust. There are beautiful over grown plants, a palm tree that does this every winter…


   …and basically a lot we want to change.  It’s a rather awkward layout with the deck, and the palm tree, and the garage surrounding this little area.  We have grandiose visions for the future, (including a full bar and wood fired pizza oven) but the main goal at this point was to limit the amount of dirt tracked into the house.  And in the winter of course, that dirt becomes mud and Little Miss Sadie has not learned how to wipe her paws at the back door yet.  If in the process we made it a little more aestically pleasing for hang-outs and BBQs, then that was a great bonus!

I’ve always loved the look of pavers with grass, so that was inspiration as we set out with to create a patio space.


My very helpful Dad and I went to the store and bought 168 one foot pavers.  The nice people at the store used the very handy forklift to load them all into the back of the truck.  Then both of my very loving parents helped me unload them all right here in my front yard.  After that, it was a solo mission.  My parents love me, but not that much. 🙂 I single handedly moved each and every paver in the wheel barrow from the front to the back.  Back -breaking, sweat-inducing, worked-my-butt-off manual labor.

Then I started laying them out…


 And then Mario helped…We used two by fours as spacers, and tried to make them as level as possible.  We were not striving for perfection.  Then we planted seeds, and watered and waited…


And then we had this!


And now we can enjoy with a little less dirt and mud.



4 thoughts on “Back Yard Patio – Take One

  1. Yet another amazingly laid out, descriptive DIY that has given me some ideas as to what to do with a certain area in our own back yard as we’ve got all these pavers we picked up for free on Craigslist and I’ve been itching to use.

    I love how the grass looks growing up in between your pavers…. Gives it such an English garden effect that invites; its warm and cozy.

    You really are a great writer and I’m truly enjoying your work! 😉


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