Who we are, and why we are here.

My name is Michaela and along with my partner in life, game night, and crime, we are here to share a little about our lives and adventures in our beautiful old house and our adventures elsewhere for that matter.


Me and Mario

My amazingly supportive partner in everything is also known as Mario.  He is a former Marine, and currently hard working salesman who also works hard at every task I need his help with.


I have a degree in Environmental Studies and work in an office to pay the bills, but my creative side is always waiting to cut loose.


We bought our house a few years ago, and even before we signed on the dotted line, it’s been an amazing adventure.


The Lodge on Haydon

There are things we have learned along the way, and new things we learn every single day.  I wake up each day and think of a million ways we can improve, change, and update our home.  I’ve always loved to find inspiration from all the amazingly creative bloggers online, and I hoped that the experiences Mario and I have can inspire others.

Another reason we started the blog was to document our hard work.  We like to try and photograph EVERYTHING.  As we go from room to room, and project to project we thought it would be fun to share before and after photos, as well as any interesting tips we learn along the way.  If nothing else, we hope a year from now, or five years from now, we can look back and see that we actually did make a lot of progress.

I’ve also quickly realized there is a lot of other things we do in our day-to-day lives that might be worthy of sharing.

Our attitude towards our life together is to make the most of every day, always see the good in everything, think positive, and turn every day into an adventure.


Wine tasting in Napa.

We rarely experience a day in which we can’t say to ourselves, “This was a GREAT day.”  From cooking dinner together, to parties with our families, to planning vacations, we always learn something new or interesting to share.


At one of our best friend’s weddings.

I know if we can send some inspiration for a happy home and a happy life out into the world, we will have accomplished our goal.

Random Facts:

– We love cocktails in general and wine specifically

– We love to travel ANYWHERE

– We have two weekends (my days off are Sat & Sun and Mario’s are Wed & Thu, so we take advantage)

– We have a dog named Sadie and three cats, Marley, Maggie, and Gunner

– We love good food, I love to cook, Mario loves to eat my cooking


CHEERS and love!

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