Ten Champagne Glasses for the New Year

 As I was beginning the Christmas decoration clean up today, I started thinking about our plans for our 2015 New Year Celebration. Our plans are not yet figured out but I know there is one thing for sure I can look forward to on New Year’s Eve: Champagne.  The last celebration of one year and the first celebration of the next always includes one beautiful, magical, sparkling, bubbly beverage that just happens to be my favorite.  In anticipation and preparation for your New Year’s Eve celebration I found ten fun and festive champagne flutes to peruse and maybe even add to your collection. Enjoy!

Victoria Stemware from Z Gallerie.


Orb Champagne Glasses from Crate & Barrel.


Peugeot Champagne Glasses from Sur La Table.

champ 2

Sable Luster Champagne Flute from Pier One.

Sable Luster

Speakeasy Champagne Flutes from World Market.


Horta Champagne Glass from Anthropologie.


Edge Champagne Glass from Crate & Barrel.


Waterford Elegance Trumpet Toasting Flutes from Bed Bath & Beyond.

champ 4

Schott Zwiesel Champagne Coupe Glass from Sur La Table.

champ 3

Vintage Etched Champagne Flutes from Willimas Sonoma.

champ 1

Cheers to 2015!

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