Storage Room Inspiration

Before we get to the pretty inspirational pictures, let me tell you and show you what I’ll be working with…. After taking down all the Christmas décor and realizing I needed a good place to store it all again, I decided it was time to tackle what is a major storage problem at the Lodge.  The house has no storage.  At the moment my kitchen is made up of one small wall of cupboards, we have no linen closet, or utility closet.  So we have had to try and find places to store big kitchen items, blankets, towels, the vacuum cleaner, brooms, etc.  My garage is in the back of the house, and is detached so it’s not ideal for storing the items we use all the time.  It’s also not ideal because it’s dingy, dirty, and ugly and I never want to go back there.

However, off to one side of the garage and just steps from the back door is this little storage room…

1It’s small and sits on it’s own.  It was the cleanest area of the garage so it has been storing boxes of junk, give away items, and holiday décor.

It has also stayed relatively clean, free of dirt and debris over these past few years, so I thought it might be a good space to revamp.

2The goal is to make it both beautiful and functional, and hopefully I will be more inclined to use it to store all the stuff that currently has no home.

3I’ve since cleaned it out and begun the work… There’s a few more things to do before I can show you the finished product.


 So, in the meantime, here’s the fabulously organized and beautiful spaces I’m using as inspiration…

I found that pantry layouts were ideal, as this room will partly be an extension of my kitchen storage and it’s the same size as a big pantry.



Open Wooden shelves are my favorite.

031Our Vintage Home Love

I also want to mix great color and style with the storage and inspiration, like this…

Honey We're Home Office Bookshelf_152Honey We’re Home



Southern KitchenSouthern Living


The Wood Grain Cottage


The Wood Grain Cottage

I hope to have it complete within the next two weeks, send happy organized thoughts my way! : )


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