Progress in the Storage Room

This past weekend we were able to get quite a bit of work done in the old storage room.  The boxes of stuff in the house are starting to drive me crazy, so I can’t get this all done fast enough.  But even with good motivation the progress is still slow but steady.  Here’s where you can see the before.  And here is what I have been up to….

I now have a bright and cheery yellow door.


And a navy blue wall.  This picture was before the final coat of paint…


And then I decided to do a little decoupage with some yellow scrap book paper.


Everything else is crisp white.

s3And this weekend, I was able to tackle the biggest project in the storage room, the place where things will be stored…. the shelves!!

Only possible with the help of my Dad.

s4We used decorative brackets to hold two 2 x 10 inch pine boards for the top shelves.

s5And the bottom shelf is double wide.  The shelves run the entire length of the room, so I really have a lot of room.

It feels like a pantry which is exactly what I was looking for since I don’t have one in the house.

s6I really love how they look in the room and how much more storage they provide.

s7Next will be stain on the shelves and something for that naked light fixture.

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6 thoughts on “Progress in the Storage Room

  1. All I can say is, OMG! My husband and I re-did our closet, and that was enough of a project for me. What you are doing is simply amazing, and it is great that you are documenting your success as you go.


  2. Michaela, I can SO relate to your home projects and all the updates you are making! Thank you for reading my blog and I’m so glad you found me so I can read yours too. I can’t wait to see all of the fun updates you have done (when I read older posts) and what you plan to do in the future!

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