Storage Room: Light Fixture and Shelves

  Happy Friday Everyone!  We’ve gotten just a little more done for the storage room makeover, and I am hoping that this weekend I can finally put the finishing touches in our new pantry/garage storage room.

Last week I left you with the newly installed shelves, and this light bulb that needed some help…   s7And here’s what I’ve come up with!


I really liked the idea of a basket as a light fixture… AND I did not want to spend a lot of time or money buying a flush mount light and then installing it.  So I found all these really pretty copper baskets at H&M.

234The first two were too shallow for the length of the light bulb.


But the third one was just right. (yes you can call me Goldylocks.)


I used these little hooks on either side of the bulb.


Like this…


And next thing you know…. I have a brand new light fixture, all for $12.95.


For the shelves I stained them with Minwax in Early American which you can find here.

6I love it because it’s really warm but not too dark for such a small room.

789And of course my little helper was by my side keeping the watch.

10Now with all this done, I think I can bring some of my stuff back in here, organize it, and finish the room!

All before the Superbowl starts I hope. : )

11  See you Monday! Signature 1

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