The Lodge on Haydon


We purchased the Lodge on Haydon on October 17th of 2012, after being in contract and waiting for Short Sale Approval for 194 days.  Yes, for 6 1/2 LONG months we waited in agony to know that this lovely little house would finally be ours. It was the perfectly dramatic, drawn-out beginning to a beautiful love-story with a beautifully imperfect house (Say that ten times fast)

House One

2 years later we still have our ups and downs. As in any relationship, we’ve experienced moments of pure bliss followed shortly by moments of pure torture. Our house was built in 1910 (to the best of our knowledge) making her a 104 years young.  Anything that’s been on this Earth 104 years is bound to have some problems, and our Lodge was no exception.

Of course there were the problems we could see on the surface, slanted floors, old roof, peeling paint. Not to mention the aesthetics of the décor which could only be attributed to decades of fads or maybe just previous owner’s “interesting decorating choices.” But of course, all of this could be fixed.

Then came the problems we couldn’t see. The house has zero insulation, and original windows, leaving it FREEZING COLD in the winter and EXTREMLY HOT in the summer. The water heater broke while we were away on a four day camping trip with no showers.  Then, one of OUR pipes burst… under the NEIGHBORS house.  This is story for another time and believe me, I will enjoy telling it, but needless to say, a pipe burst, and it cost a lot of money to fix it, and a lot of blood sweat and tears.

But still our love prevailed.

The garden windows let in the most beautiful light and breezes.

Our side porch has the potential to be our own private oasis.

The front room is going to be our own little library.

Everywhere we look we see the potential. Top that with cozy nights by “the fire”, summer breezes in the backyard, our amazing neighbors, and the sense of pride that comes with each and every “problem” we are able to overcome and our feelings only deepen for this little house we call home.

Now, every day is a new find, a new project, and more progress toward perfection.

2 thoughts on “The Lodge on Haydon

  1. I love the way that you write, very easy to read and enjoyable.

    The house is beautiful, so quaint! Despite the ups and downs (!), I think that it’s really lovely to take on a project like this, transforming a house into a home and putting your love and ideas into every aspect of it. I hope that we will see some updates along the way!


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